The Home for Creatives

Unlocking Creative Potential

eThree prepares your child to succeed in a 21st century digital world. We offer a powerful new creative learning environment designed to empower young digital minds to flourish. 

At eThree, we offer a state-of-the-art facility which integrates the latest apps and technology into hands-on learning experiences.

Our members engage in a weekly 90 minute digital exploration that is both fun and productive.  

Creativity Haven

At eThree, our young members can connect with other like minded creative peers. We offer a place where your children can can get inspired, learn digital tools, and share knowledge. We empower your children to identify and foster their individual talents.

Children are invited to begin their digital learning journey in a positive, safe, and supportive environment. Our digital learning environment empowers every child to think differently.

Introducing the New Social

Technology and iPads are often viewed as isolating. If left on their own any child can get lost for hours on a device.  At eThree we offer a structured learning experience which we call "the New Social." We are the first place where children can use the technology they love to connect, collaborate, and communicate with peers in a positive and constructive way.