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The Diamond

We offer children the opportunity to foster their personal diamond of potential that every child has within.

The Child

We offer children the opportunity to root and grown their digital legs. We let them get steady and position them to thrive. We give them a second set of arms to pursue their interest... their digital arms.


We give the wings to soar by letting them build confidence every second they are inside of The Zone.

Learning  + Fun = Productive Fun

We are on a mission...

to empower your child to discover their passions and interests...

Be amazed by what your child can create. 

Be amazed by what your child can create. 


Children Heart Digital

We are a 21st century learning company capturing the power of digital.

Empower your Child

 Super Productive Fun 

Digital Superpower

If you believe you can do something you can.

If you don't... you likely won't.

We have created an entirely new place for children to explore, experiment, and excel so they can build confidence and believe in themselves.

Youth Sports Teams Love eThree 

The Home for Creatives

Unlocking Creative Potential

eThree prepares your child to succeed in a 21st century digital world. We offer a powerful new creative learning environment designed to empower young digital minds to flourish. 

At eThree, we offer a state-of-the-art facility which integrates the latest apps and technology into hands-on learning experiences.

Our members engage in a weekly 90 minute digital exploration that is both fun and productive.  

Creativity Haven

At eThree, our young members can connect with other like minded creative peers. We offer a place where your children can can get inspired, learn digital tools, and share knowledge. We empower your children to identify and foster their individual talents.

Children are invited to begin their digital learning journey in a positive, safe, and supportive environment. Our digital learning environment empowers every child to think differently.

Introducing the New Social

Technology and iPads are often viewed as isolating. If left on their own any child can get lost for hours on a device.  At eThree we offer a structured learning experience which we call "the New Social." We are the first place where children can use the technology they love to connect, collaborate, and communicate with peers in a positive and constructive way.  


Building 21st Century Digital Citizens

A comprehensive digital skill progression for K-8 learners to develop valuable skills in digital citizenship, digital literacy, digital media arts and more.


Track Progress

Track your students' progress at a glance with the Digital Skill Tracker.

Measuring digital skill proficiency, the Digital Skill Tracker provides teachers and parents with oversight into the progress and proficiencies of their student.



Skills Included

No effort needed. Simply select the experience and the eThree system automatically provides your student with the next skill they need, just when they need it.



Earn BAdges. Motivate Students

Make each learning experience and activity fun and entertaining with digitally collectible badges your students will love to share and chow case


Applied Learning

Students build their skills through fun and engaging creative activities. where they create something amazing including posters, digital magazines, twitter campaigns, and more


Children can create their future.

Every child has the creative potential to do so much more than play games and watch videos.

eThree is the first place that prepares children to o succeed in a 21st century digitally connected world.

We believe the brightest future belongs to children who can find and develop their unique creative skills. We empower every child to unlock the true power of creativity apps and digital tools.  

eThree is the world's first digital learning center designed to empower children to safely and productively use technology while working on super-fun, hands on projects.

We are experts in connecting your child with the right activity, using the right app, at the right age.  We engage your child on a journey to explore, experiment, and excel. 

If it sounds like we are reimagining learning, it’s because we are. We make learning digital skills both fun and rewarding.

eThree empowers every child to create their future by unlocking the power of digital apps. By offering purpose around their interests and passions we build a confident 21st century creative leader.



Fun & Engaging

Mission-Based Learning

Each experience places students at the center of a story allowing them to actively participate in a mission to apply their digital, creativity, and critical thinking skills.

Increase Engagement

Beautifully designed experiences provide dynamic and engaging content that will make your students say 'Wow!' Merging the fun of video games and the immersion of movies, each student is placed at the center of the story.



Creative Activities

Amazing Creations

Students explore and create while applying their newly developed digital skills.

Beautiful posters, digital magazines, social media posts, photo collages, timelines, and more.

In-Line Creation

Built in-line of every experience, there is no need for new apps or software to download. Simply start and eThree's Experience Platform will do the rest giving your students the directions and guidance to make something incredible.


Simple to Use

On-Demand Selection

Browse the Experience Library based on your grade, subject, and targeted learning objectives to find the experiences that meet your needs. 

Available on Any Device

Providing educators and students with ultimate flexibility by allowing experiences to be accessed from any internet enabled device. Whether using iPads, tablets, netbooks, or desktops, you and your students can enjoy an eThree experience from anywhere.


Desktops | Laptops | Tablets


eThree ensures activities are aligned with the classroom core knowledge you are already covering including  S.T.E.M., Social Studies, Language Arts, Health,  Art & Music, Business, and more.

By providing a 'context hook' to each experience, experiences are easy to bring into your existing classroom time.

Digital Learning Experiences for Scouts

Experiential Educational Entertainment

Fun, hands-on digital scouting experiences using iPads, apps, 3D Printers, Gyrocopters and all the latest technology!

Powered by eThree, your Scouts will experience immersive S.T.E.M projects where they can work together in teams to explore and develop the 21st Century skills needed to succeed in school and life!

Developing real-world skills every Scout will need to succeed in a digital world. 

Boy Scouts Page Icons.001.jpg

Enhance Your Scouting Experience

iPads, apps, and all the latest technology


Power-Up Your Digital Camp Experience

eThree partners with camps that are looking to offer a premium learning experience to their campers. Our eThree camp solution empowers your camp to deliver the full library of powerful creative digital learning experiences including digital music, digital photography, and movie animation. 

Camp icons.001.jpg

Innovative Learning Experiences

A turnkey solution, we empower your campers to create an eThree Account that includes their own online locker.

With a click of a button your campers can share their digital learning experiences with parents, family, and friends.

Camp icons.003.jpg

Simple Implementation

We train your camp counselors to deliver our powerful creativity projects. fast, easy, and fun no technology experience required.  

Camp icons.002.jpg

Campers Love eThree

eThree experiences meet campers exactly where they want to be... on an iPad using super fun apps with their friends.

We deliver a highly social experience that can be done individually or in groups.

As either a premium camp experience or integrated seamlessly into your existing camp curriculum, we ensure our camp partners can deliver a fun digital experience no camper will ever forget.   

Ethree Mobile

comprehensive full service Mobile tech gym

Schools | Home School Associations | Fundraisers

Youth Organizations | Birthday Parties

Fundraising 2.0

learn amazing digital skills. have fun.

Support your school or organization

eThree partners with Home School Associations and organization leaders to offer a simple, yet powerful fundraising solution.

No donuts or candy bars.  100% healthy creative fun.

We offer an easy way to raise money by delivering a fun, hands-on, and creative digital learning experience. We create a personal webpage to make it easy for community members to purchase an experience for their child. 

Hands-On + Social + Simple = Winning Formula 

All fundraising participates will receive a creative iPad project designed to complement your school or organizations current enrichment activities. We ensure your fundraiser promotes your organization's mission and values.

Exciting Creativity Activities. Fun for All.

Children experience fun and productive activities while learning to use devices to positively connect with each other in the real world.