During each of our 90 minute creativity sessions, our members work together to complete the eThree learning cycle:

Hands-On Creative Learning Experience

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Now if it sounds like fun... that's because it is.

Our eThree Learning Design Team assembles multiple interactive components to create an unbelievably fun learning experience for our members. By combining brainstorming, real world examples, fun interactive learning components and app exploration, we make learning incredibly fun.

Inspiring Creativity

Serious Fun.

iPads + Activities + Apps + 3D Printers...

eThree is the first of its kind... a creativity factory that uses real world inspiration and hands-on learning of valuable digital skills your child needs to know. We are serious learning and 100% fun.

Our secret... we use the most exciting hardware, creative apps, and digital production tools to capture your child's imagination and unleash his or her creative potential.

WE Make "Screen-time" Productive

Children today spend a lot of time using screens.

Today's powerful iPads and mobile phones can be used for more than playing games and watching videos. 

Parents want to prepare their children to succeed both in school and in life.   Unfortunately in such a fast moving and confusing digital environment, most parents do not have both the time or the expertise to show their children how to productively use digital tools to create rather than just consume.  

eThree can unlock your children's creativity and empower them to productively use their valuable daily screen time and have fun while developing their digital skills.  


I was learning in a really fun environment. My eThree was awesome! I can’t wait to become a member.
— Scott Jr. - 9 years old 
I was very impressed with what I saw at eThree. The engagement was incredible and the children are learning very valuable skills. I’m a big fan, keep it up!
— Heather - Elementary Education Teacher
I want an eThree membership for Christmas
— Jane - 11 years old
eThree is a fun environment with subtle learning.
— eThree Parent
eThree is Friendly, dynamic, inspirational. It build’s design confidence in my child.
— eThree Parent
eThree is a hands on learning experience with technology, teamwork, and social skills that leads to real-world communication skills. It’s fun too! I like the hands on real world experience that eThree provides.
— eThree Parent
‘Technology gym’ that gives kids a chance to be creative through technology. eThree is inspiring creativity through an outlet that kids are already familiar with.
— eThree Parent
They give your kids ipads for 90 minutes to learn how to run social media businesses. At eThree, the kids have coaching yet independence and structure while learning in a fun environment.
— eThree Parent
eThree is an interactive program where children can use 21st century skills to create hands on projects. eThree gives the children an opportunity to use their skills in a creative atmosphere.
— eThree Parent
eThree is an interactive learning for kids incorporating technology while harnessing their natural abilities & talents.  It gives my kids (& me) the opportunity to explore something new and show them how to think outside of their comfort zone.
— Danielle - Parent
eThree is an interactive way of learning through technology. Children have fun learning and exploring in a new way. I would recommend it to other parents.
— eThree Parent

Social Learning Environment

We prepare your children with the real world digital and creative skills they need to succeed both in school and in life. 

Weekly Sessions

90-minute exploration sessions side-by-side with our talented and creative digital guides. 

Inspiring Technology

Access to the latest digital apps, devices, cameras, printers, and a few super cool robots.

Hands On Learning

Super fun, relevant, relatable, and experiential hands-on digital learning projects. 

Membership Benefits

Our programs are designed to uniquely offer your child:


Practical learning progression 

Customized path for your child to express their creative interests in our modern digital world.

Access to inspirational content, creative digital tools, and community 

Assembled to help your child to accomplish what is truly possible.

Safe real-world environment

for your child to explore, experiment, and excel in pursuit of their creative interests.

Positive learning activities 

that will help your child to achieve their personal goals and dreams.

Foster love of learning 

in your child by practicing learning in a structured yet fun way.

Personalized creative activities 

designed to put your child at the center of their own story empowering them to develop a sense of self.

Opportunity to progress 

at a speed your child is most comfortable.

Many powerful moments 

when your child is tuned in, engage, and actively involved in their own creative learning experience. To see the world not as it is but rather how they wish to shape it around their own unique potential.

Positive real-world inspiration 

from the people, inventions, and ideas that can best expand your child's mind to what is possible.