Welcome to the Project Builder Training! Here you will learn how to create unique, cool projects to design for our new technological curriculum. Using key skills, fascinating apps, and just plain fun, our projects give our kids the necessary tools to succeed in todays modern society. 



Start Building


We live in a world surrounded by technology. Here at E3, our goal is to teach the skills incorporated with all this new technology around us through fun and interactive projects.




We structure our curriculum into two different paths. The first is Skill Tracks, the second is Projects. Skill Tracks consist of all the various skills a kid could learn under a certain branch of activity. The Project is incorporating all of these different skills to create something really awesome. For example a Skill Track would be DJ, the Project would be to create a 30 second mix. 

Photo Project 78.001.jpg


Project Componenets

  • Title Page

  • Inspiration

  • Apps Used

  • Module Summary

  • Action Slides

  • Confirmation Slides

  • Deliverables

Here are example templates: