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eThree Impact

Empowering Non-Profits To Thrive

eThree partners with innovative non-profits who seek to improve sports for athletes and youth.

eThree is a proud to power SheIS whose mission is to strength women’s professional sports. SheIS is using eThree to promote woman professional sports leagues by showcase women sports ambassadors as role models. SheIS is capturing the power of athletes and sports to inspire and empower future girl leaders.


eThree is working with SheIS to share the value of supporting women’s pro sports. We are proud to amplify the worlds leading women’s sports organizations as they showcase women professional athletes.

Inspiring Girls to Lead

Empowering Girls to Become Leaders 

Dear Athletes,

I am taking the challenge to support women in sports 

Because I need to see role models that look like me 

Because I need to think of sports as a real future career option 

Because sports make me stronger 

Mentally and physically

I will go to your games 

I will watch them on my TV phone or computer 

Because seeing you inspires me 

Because seeing you make me more likely to stay in sports 

Because trying to be like you boosts my confidence 

And gives me the tools to be my best self 

Now and later 

Around the world people are uniting for change 

Women are stepping up and shifting equality 

From being a buzzword to being a rally cry 

I believe it’s time for sports to take a leading role in this shift 

It’s up to us the athlete and fans alike 

To take the next step forward for women sports 

When we stand together we can make big things happen 

Together we can support female athletes 

Create a new generation of leaders

Build a future of, by, and for strong women 

Together we can create a world 

Where I am respected 

Where I am loved 

Where nothing can stop me 

I am taking the challenge because you help me see how bright my future can be 

And I’m asking you 

The athletes - The fans - The current leaders

To join me 

Because when we stand united 

We can make a difference 

For the role models of today and the leaders of tomorrow