We are on a mission…

To unlock the creative potential of all learners

eThree has created an enhanced approach to 21st century learning.

Our learning platform delivers on the 3 E's to enrich learning: 

  1. Experiential
  2. Educational
  3. Engagement 

We Empower Educators

Educators are the key to preparing learners to succeed in the 21st century. It is eThree's goal to empower educators to provide exciting and engaging learning experiences for their students. With easy-to-use activities, eThree seamlessly integrates real-world educational content and powerful devices and apps empowering educators to deliver fun and digitally creative activities.

We Offer Inspired Learning

Each learner has unique passions and interests.  It is eThree's mission to provide experiences that allow learners of all abilities to connect with the stories of amazing inspirational people, incredible places, and next-generation companies. Experiences are crafted to inspire learners and to foster their creativity while helping them build the grit and commitment needed to achieve success in school and life.

We're Building Confident Learners

Educators and parents know how important it is for a young learner to have a positive learning experience. We empower educators build confident learners of all abilities helping them become active and motivated learners prepared for life in the 21st century.

About Us

eThree offers a connected learning delivery platform built by educators, technologists, and creatives that delivers hands-on, digital, and experiential learning. eThree's Publishing Platform was designed to produce beautiful learning experiences while seamlessly integrating 21st century learning and digital media literacy for learners. With simple to use activities, educators and parents can foster scientific inquiry, digital skill development, and real-world exploration for their learners through a library of visually rich learning experiences. eThree enhances and enriches learning by making it social, collaborative, and fun!