Digital Creativity Center

21st Century Practice Field

Creative Skill Development

Immersive Engaging Environment

iPads | Creativity Apps | The Cloud

Recording Studio

Record your vocals or compose a new track in a professional grade music recording booth.

Movie studio

Become the next famous movie producer using our movie editing studio.  Access the latest movie editing equipment and software.

Photography Studio

Design your own website or model your own clothing line using our digital photography studio. 

Be amazed

at what your child can create. 

Engaging Projects

Creativity Apps

Badges & Rewards


Unlocking Creative Genius 

A creative social community for children to explore their authentic passions

A positive and fun social community environment where you and your child can explore hands on the power of educational apps.  

Offer your 1st and 2nd grader engaging hands-on projects designed to foster creativity skills and social collaboration. Engage your child with Productive Fun. 

Super-fun, hands-on projects for your child designed to help identify their passions and develop valuable 21st century skills.

Specialized digital skill training and real-world applied projects. Give your child a creative edge they can use to succeed in school and beyond.


Prepare your child to succeed

in a digital world

A creative learning environment designed to empower your child to succeed.


eThree learning experiences


giving children An advantage

preparing successful digital citizens to excel


eThree Guides work closely with your child to help them achieve their unique creative potential. We encourage your child to find their passions and pursue their talents.


Creative artists, musicians, athletes and more.  Our guides mission is to inspire your child to become what they are meant to be.


Our goal is to offer a safe environment and foster confidence in your child. Each Guide works with your child to provide a productive learning experience they enjoy.

Full 1 Hour Session