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eThree, an Experiential Educational Entertainment Company, is creating the first digital learning centers empowering children to become 21st century leaders.

Hands-on iPad projects makes learning fun


Hands-on applied iPad projects, at the core of every eThree experience, create engaging and enriching experiences that are both educational and super-fun!

Native iOS Application

An iOS application, the eThree Experience Player, is an interactive application that seamlessly delivers eThree learning experiences and creative projects.

The first system built on top of the robust app ecosystem, the Experience Player makes learning fun and engaging. 

eThree Enterprise

With the immersive eThree Zone environment, a native iOS application and engaging, real-world iPad projects, eThree Enterprise empowers schools, national youth organizations, and educational institutions with a turnkey enterprise solution.


The Team Behind It All


Inside eThree

Ethree In Action


Inspired Learning Environment

Real World Experience  

Every eThree session uses a real world relatable theme that seamlessly links all activities and projects worked on during a session.  A theme could be a real world event such as the Olympics, or a real world job at Google, or business process such as launching an online store, creating a social media campaign, or designing a t-shirt.  

Relatable Scaffolding

 We design everything to eliminate the question every child asks... how is this related to the real world? We call this "Relatable Scaffolding."

Relevant Creation

Within every Session, we select a project deliverable that best matches up to the real world children know and love.   

Learning Process


We have designed our learning experience to foster a cycle of life long learning. By taking our members repeatedly through the learning cycle of exploration and experimentation, we believe we can uniquely empower them to not only find but also engage in the creative endeavor they wish to excel at.  

10,000 Hours

There are no shortcuts. Whether it is sport, music, or school... the process of learning is based on the speed and efficiency with which you can go through this process. The more practice you have doing it the better you get at it.  eThree is the first digital practice field where children come to learn 21st century skills. We ensure they begin their journey with the very best tools and learning support system to ensure they succeed. 

Proven Learning System

eThree operates a private "Beta lab" located inside of a public elementary school.  Every eThree project is tested directly by children to ensure they accomplish the learning goals.  

Quality Assurance

We use the eThree Beta environment to continuously improve our project deliverable packages, identify and fix gaps in our instructional videos. We design our project so that even without the high energy lights, camera, action environment we create within an eThree location, the AAA and core fun factor behind every project is something we know children really love.

Continuous Improvement

As we are always developing new learning experiences, we are in constant communication with our beta lab members. We gather real-time rigorous feedback to ensure we are always improving the eThree experience. 

Productive Fun

eThree has developed a proprietary session framework optimized for our unique delivery learning system. We make learning fun. Here is how we do it:

Powerful Creativity Equipment

The First Digital Gym for Children

eThree has all of the latest specialized equipment children can use to make their creative digital ideas a reality. From green screens to 3D printers, we are the most technologically advanced child learning center in the world. 

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