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Early Stage Venture Investors

Angels and early stage investors know it's all about the people.  To know the genesis story of the entrepreneur and to understand the vision, inspiration, or unique insight that sparked the business is key to identifying the best opportunities. 

Problem: Finding and organizing the media created by young fast moving businesses is difficult.

Wouldn't it be great if an investor in seconds could experience a startup on their phone with everything they need all in one place?


Introducing CB Deal, a powerful new way for investors to:

  1. Swipe Scan - Investors on their mobile phone can visually scan a startup. No more deciphering cryptic websites. Just swipe.
  2. Video Pitch - Investors can get the pulse of a business with investor CEO video briefs
  3. Text Connect - Investors can research and engage a CEO if they are interested in learning more about a business... all via SMS.
  4. Deal Alerts - Investors can be alerted when a deal is receiving heavy interest from investors.  
  5. Live Connect - Investors actively tracking a startup will be notified by SMS if a startup is attending a live event making it simple to connect.

High Growth Startups


Fast growing startup leaders understand they need to constantly share their story with the next investor and strategic partner.  


Sharing the story of a new innovative business can be a full time job and is often difficult to capture on a static and public website. With limited marketing resources and low budgets, it is a challenge to serve the investors, customers, and partners what they need. 

  1. Inability to create story - Creating a short compelling and informative experience on your business is time-consuming and expensive.
    1. Long reading experiences are boring
    2. Presentations and videos quickly get outdated
    3. Managing multiple cloud services (Squarespace, MailChimp, Pipedrive, Youtube, Unbounce, ...) is difficult to setup and maintain.
  2. Difficulty updating story - With new features, customer wins, and milestones happening everyday, it is difficult to update new investors or brief them on your business progress.
  3. Inability to manage stakeholders - Communicating with existing investors is difficult and time consuming.  
  4. Inability to qualify level of interest - Updating a CRM system on investors is difficult. Spending time with the wrong investors and customers can damage the business.
Wouldn't it be great if a startup could create and update their story  easily and instantly update existing investors as well as find the investors who are most interested in their business?  


CB Live Pitch empowers your startup to

  1.  Deliver a powerful mobile experience to showcase your team, vision, and products.
  2. Create a premium brand experience for investors, partners, and customers.  
  3. Invite partners to self-qualify their interests in your business automatically. 

Track who is interested in your business and identify your most promising leads.  Crunchbase Briefs empower your customers and investors to experience what makes your business amazing.   


Startup Sales Teams

Connect Faster. Be Authentic. Standout.

Every new business has a unique products and service. Selling to an investor is a complex sale.  To engage a customer innovative companies have to develop a custom pitch. They need to translate the value of their product and service in the language of their customer. 


Your sales organization

  1. Expensive Sales Preparation  
    1. Your sales team is spending valuable selling time researching business. 
    2. Trying to find the best way to break through the noise of the market and connect with decision makers is challenging.
  2. Delayed Product Education
    1. It is difficult for a fast moving company to keep sales up-to-date on the latest benefits and features.
  3. Timing Consuming Pitch Creation
    1. Custom pitches are time consuming and difficult to create. 
    2. Decks / videos are hard-coded and quickly become dated.
    3. Customers have poor mobile browsing experience.
    4. Sales teams lack marketing support.
    5. Setting up and maintaining a CRM system is difficult.
    6. Sales team selling effectiveness is highly variable.


Introducing CB Sales, a powerful new way for sales professional to create authentic connections with the next big customer.