IT's Complex

We are building a novel research-based learning methodology based on

Super-fun immersive environment

Best-in-class digital equipment

New experiential teaching protocol

Robust educator training program

Learner rewards system

Learner-parent-trainer communications


the System to power it all. 

Any one of these innovations is hard to do. Each with its own distinct set of opportunities and challenges. However in 2013, we set out to building all of these systems together. It was the only way to truly re-imagine and re-engineer education.  To innovate you cannot build in a single silo hoping the rest of the learning ecosystem solves itself.  To truly advance education, it needs to be re-built end-to-end.  

We are a full-stack company.  

We’re not building any one of these components alone.  We are not just simply building a school.  We are building a new system for education, a new paradigm for how learning actually happens. Sure it is hard to do.  We like what we see.  And more importantly, kids, parents and educators do, too.  We’re onto something.  And we’ve only just begun.