Experiential Learning

As - a - Service

eThree offers a guided digital learning solution delivering inquiry-based, S.T.E.M., and digital media arts aligned experiences to enhance and enrich classroom learning for students and educators. 


Seamless Technology Integration


1:1 Device Strategy

We are passionate about empowering educators deliver inspired learning experiences in classroom. We aim to provide you with the tools and resources to needed to seamlessly integrate technology and let educators focus on what’s most important: The learners!

Super Easy

An easy to use application and robust library of experiences take the power of technology, creativity apps, and devices to create an easy to use platform for both educators and learners.


Empower Your Educators

Aligned to compliment your existing curriculum, eThree empowers educators to enhance and enrich the learning experience with creative and collaborative hands-on exploration to build and develop essential digital media skills.

eThree takes the guesswork the technology while creating customized learning for each student.



Experiences to better engage your students to make learning fun and exciting through hands-on, mission-based digital experiences


In-line professional development for teachers helps them grow and leverage the power of technology


Take your school to the next level offering a differentiated solution to deliver on the promise of integrating technology into the classroom


Get the most of out your technology and maximize your device investment with eThree's turnkey solution


Meet students where they are and attract the next generation of talented, 21st century learners


Easily communicate with parents, students, and with the community the showcase the amazing talents of every learner


Help students become responsible 21st Century digital citizens with experiences that connect them to the community and the world


Expose students and teachers to what's possible with immersive and interactive experiences using iPads, apps and the latest technologies