Children can create their future.

Every child has the creative potential to do so much more than play games and watch videos.

eThree is the first place that prepares children to o succeed in a 21st century digitally connected world.

We believe the brightest future belongs to children who can find and develop their unique creative skills. We empower every child to unlock the true power of creativity apps and digital tools.  

eThree is the world's first digital learning center designed to empower children to safely and productively use technology while working on super-fun, hands on projects.

We are experts in connecting your child with the right activity, using the right app, at the right age.  We engage your child on a journey to explore, experiment, and excel. 

If it sounds like we are reimagining learning, it’s because we are. We make learning digital skills both fun and rewarding.

eThree empowers every child to create their future by unlocking the power of digital apps. By offering purpose around their interests and passions we build a confident 21st century creative leader.