Membership Benefits

Our programs are designed to uniquely offer your child:


Practical learning progression 

Customized path for your child to express their creative interests in our modern digital world.

Access to inspirational content, creative digital tools, and community 

Assembled to help your child to accomplish what is truly possible.

Safe real-world environment

for your child to explore, experiment, and excel in pursuit of their creative interests.

Positive learning activities 

that will help your child to achieve their personal goals and dreams.

Foster love of learning 

in your child by practicing learning in a structured yet fun way.

Personalized creative activities 

designed to put your child at the center of their own story empowering them to develop a sense of self.

Opportunity to progress 

at a speed your child is most comfortable.

Many powerful moments 

when your child is tuned in, engage, and actively involved in their own creative learning experience. To see the world not as it is but rather how they wish to shape it around their own unique potential.

Positive real-world inspiration 

from the people, inventions, and ideas that can best expand your child's mind to what is possible.