Creative Tech Studio

eThree, an Experiential Educational Entertainment Company, is creating the first digital learning centers empowering children to become 21st century leaders.

Hands-on iPad projects makes learning fun


Hands-on applied iPad projects, at the core of every eThree experience, create engaging and enriching experiences that are both educational and super-fun!

Native iOS Application

An iOS application, the eThree Experience Player, is an interactive application that seamlessly delivers eThree learning experiences and creative projects.

The first system built on top of the robust app ecosystem, the Experience Player makes learning fun and engaging. 

eThree Enterprise

With the immersive eThree Zone environment, a native iOS application and engaging, real-world iPad projects, eThree Enterprise empowers schools, national youth organizations, and educational institutions with a turnkey enterprise solution.


The Team Behind It All


Inside eThree

Ethree In Action